Meet Wayne Thurber

September 02, 2014

By: Lauren Witherspoon
Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University


“Go to your professors. They have a lot of grace and they are there for you. If you don’t use them, you’re an idiot. ” - Wayne Thurber


Wayne Thurber is the president of the MACU student body.  He is a junior at MACU and is majoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Wayne has two older siblings and has a passion for bananas and basketball.

Wayne grew up in a family with limited Christian influences. While he was still young, his parents got divorced and, during junior high, Wayne turned to drugs. His life started to turn around, however, when a friend invited him to church in high school.

Wayne, during his junior year in high school, took the opportunity to go on a missions trip to South Carolina.  During this trip, Wayne decided to commit his life to Christ and to look for something more in his life.  Wayne began to pray for something.  Wayne said, “I wanted God to let me go through something that I could never get through without His strength, so that I could help others who deal with similar things.” Little did he know that God would answer his prayers.

After high school, Wayne started attending East Carolina University (ECU) where he studied psychology and was an active member of Campus Crusades (a way for Christian athletes to fellowship together). Wayne became more involved in ministry when he and a friend started an extension site to Elevation Church.

However, after his third year at ECU, he felt that God was pulling him elsewhere.

He had heard about Mid-Atlantic Christian University through a friend who played basketball at the school, but he was not interested because of the size of the school. Still he said he, “Always had a small voice in my head telling me it was right.” So, after three years at ECU, Wayne made the decision to come to MACU. While at MACU, one his kidneys started to fail and he started to spiral into depression. During the first two years at MACU, Wayne was actually fighting against thoughts of suicide.

In retrospect, Wayne says that, “Even though the wrong thoughts were in my head, the right people were in my ear and I was where I needed to be.”

People encouraged him along the way and he reflected that once he started to give control of his life back to God, his health started to improve and the depression was going away. Wayne continued his healing process by answering a huge challenge put in front of him by his peers, that is, to represent the student body by being the president of the Student Body.

Wayne says that he can relate to the students, especially to the freshmen because of what he has been through, and that he loves what he does. As student body president, it is his job to represent the student body. His job also entails being involved in the rules committee and he continues to seek ways to encourage student involvement around campus. Although Wayne still has a long journey ahead with his relationship with God, he is excited as ever for the task ahead.

Wayne would like to make a business of his own, involve himself with youth basketball camps, and speak around the country about how God moved in his life. We, as his brothers and sisters in Christ, should lift him up in prayers as he persues this life of obedience.