Meet Paige Colditz

October 06, 2014

By: Lauren Witherspoon
Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University


Paige, 20, is a junior at Mid-Atlantic Christian University.

Paige grew up in a ‘Christian’ family that rarely attended church. She has always had reverence for God, but no one explained to her what being a Christian was really about. She thought it was a bunch of lifestyle sacrifices and no fun.  Paige was baptized when she was twelve but mostly because everyone else was doing it and she wanted to get to heaven.

While in high school, Paige took the trip of a lifetime.  During the summer between her sophomore and junior year, she went with a group of Americans to Costa Rica as part of a foreign exchange program.

Paige loved the adventure of being in a different country, felt a strong bond with her group, and it influenced her passion for cultures.

During the next summer, Paige became a lot more serious about her relationship with God and recommitted her life to Christ.  It was during this summer that Paige first started to consider the possibility of attending a Christian university.  “It’s crazy what God can do and how quickly God can change your whole perspective on life around,” said Paige when asked about her change in heart.

At first, Paige did not include MACU in her decision-making process because she had reservations about the distance from her home and the small size of the university.  However, after visiting the university, Paige immediately believed that God was calling her to attend MACU.  It is funny how God can change our perspective on things. Now, as a junior at MACU, Paige cannot imagine going to a different university.

Along with her passion for MACU, she also started feeling very strongly for missions.  

“Missions has always been something that I have always been interested in. Even before I was close with my relationship with God I was interested in humanitarian efforts, but now I know of an even greater need and that is the need for everyone to know Christ as their savior.”

Being so passionate about missions, Paige found herself wanting to return to Costa Rica and serve on the mission field. However, things turned out differently than Paige expected.

Paige wanted to be the big shot who came in and fearlessly save everyone. She stayed with the same family, but she felt alone and scared. It even looked different from the last time she was there and Paige had no one to converse with in English. Less than a day in Costa Rica and she wanted to return home.

However, Paige stopped and remembered all the people who were at home praying for her and how incredibly blessed she was to have this opportunity.

Even though the trip did not meet her expectations, she knew God had sent her there for a reason. Even after the trip, she did not know why God had sent her, but she is confident that seeds were planted and that God would water them.

Paige now realizes her responsibility is only to remain obedient in her calling and God would handle the rest. She looks forward to continuing her studies in the Cross-Cultural Missions program at Mid-Atlantic Christian University in hopes that someday in the future she will serve full-time on the mission field.

Paige’s word of advice to anyone considering going on a short or long-term mission trip is this: “Go for it! Even if you are not persuing missions, it is a great way to open up to different cultures! Also, do your research before you go abroad, it will make all the difference! Learn as much of the language as you can!”