Student Spotlights

Meet Paige Colditz

October 06, 2014 | Comment

By: Lauren WitherspoonStudent, Mid-Atlantic Christian University   Paige, 20, is a junior at Mid-Atlantic Christian University. Paige grew up in a ‘Christian’ family that rarely attended church. She has always had reverence for God, but no one explained to her what being a Christian was really about. She thought it was a bunch of lifestyle sacrifices and no fun.  Paige was baptized when she was twelve but mostly because everyone else was doing it and she wanted to get to heaven. While in high school, Paige took the trip of a lifetime.  During the summer between her sophomore and junior year, she went with a group of Americans to Costa Rica as part of a foreign exchange program. Paige loved the adventure of being in a different country, felt a strong bond with her group, and it influenced her passion for cultures. During the next summer, Paige became a lot more serious about her relationship with God and recommitted her life to Christ.  It was during this summer that Paige first started to consider the possibility of attending a Christian university.  “It’s crazy what God can do and how quickly God can change your whole perspective on...


Meet Wayne Thurber

September 02, 2014 | Comment

By: Lauren Witherspoon Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University   “Go to your professors. They have a lot of grace and they are there for you. If you don’t use them, you’re an idiot. ” - Wayne Thurber   Wayne Thurber is the president of the MACU student body.  He is a junior at MACU and is majoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Wayne has two older siblings and has a passion for bananas and basketball. Wayne grew up in a family with limited Christian influences. While he was still young, his parents got divorced and, during junior high, Wayne turned to drugs. His life started to turn around, however, when a friend invited him to church in high school. Wayne, during his junior year in high school, took the opportunity to go on a missions trip to South Carolina.  During this trip, Wayne decided to commit his life to Christ and to look for something more in his life.  Wayne began to pray for something.  Wayne said, “I wanted God to let me go through something that I could never get through without His strength, so that I could help others who deal with similar things.” Little did he know that God...


A Student Abroad: Zach Tanner

September 01, 2014 | Comment

By: Tiffany Kriss Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University Zachary (Zach) Tanner, a senior at Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU), traveled to Ghana, Africa this summer to fulfill his internship requirements for his major, General Ministry. Zach was in Ghana from May 21st until July 31tst. Beyond merely fulfilling educational requirements, Zach wanted to have an “adventure” as well as to visit friends he had made at MACU, specifically Attah and Jessica Osebrah. Zach met Attah about three years ago at a camp, and Zach decided he wanted to visit Attah and his family in Africa one day. Attah told him he could visit anytime he wanted, so Zach decided to do his internship in Ghana, because he figured, “I could kill two birds with one stone.” Attah and his family are currently missionaries in Ghana and Attah was Zach’s field mentor for the summer, while Dr. Robert Reese was his internship mentor. While in Ghana, Zach had three primary responsibilities. His first responsibility was to help in the gym, specifically to physically train men. While he spent three days per week in the gym, Zach did not spend as much time in this endeavor as he thought he would,...