The Next Level

March 11, 2015

Students from Mid-Atlantic Christian University attended the Next Level Conference (February 4-6, 2015) in Savannah, Georgia at Savannah Christian Church. Students (Dustin McCrea, Kevin Williams, Evan Tanner, Brandon Davis, Matthew Hughes, Emily Greene, and Tiffany Kriss) and staff (Vice President of Student Services, Dr. Kendall Greene, Campus Minister Roger Burns, and Enrollment Counselor, Corbin Kuhn), left campus Wednesday morning around 9 am and arrived in Georgia after 4 pm. The van ride was very interesting, with snoozing students, working students, talking students, and fun games being played during the trip. This Conference was not only an opportunity to get to learn about taking ministries to the Next Level, but the students who attended were able to get to know one another on a better level as well.

While at the conference, the students and staff learned how to take their churches and ministries to the “next level” through various opportunities. Savannah Christian Church opened their doors and shared some of their successes and failures so that those who attended the Conference could learn from them. The Conference consisted of, but was not limited to the following:


  • Main Sessions: Multiple session every day that consisted of worship, videos, and messages.
  • Tours: Staff members and volunteers showed those who were willing the facilities with explanations of the ins and outs of the various ministries, ranging from worship, to youth, to children, and even lead ministry.
  • Workshops: Every day, attendees had the opportunity to attend a number of a variety of workshops that delved deep into specific topics such as volunteer training, worship ministry, youth ministry, preaching, and church growth. Evan Tanner, a MACU Junior and Worship Minister at Journey Christian Church, said that the “workshops were (great because they were) geared specifically towards ministries.”
  • Tea and coffee: This was an opportunity for interaction and networking, as well as question and answer times.
  • Bookstore: While on breaks, attendees could wander into the bookstore and have a look around, and there were also recordings sold of the various workshops for those who wanted to learn even more.
  • Connections: There was a room full of various organizations that could aid in ministry, enhance ministry, or support ministry. Beyond that, there were some college booths set up as well.



Next Level Conference

A picture of a workshop in session (Tiffany Kriss, Emily Greene, Kevin Williams)

During the entire Conference, there was all around good rapport and communication. MACU student’s stayed in a nearby hotel, and had the opportunity not only to attend the Conference, but also to tour beautiful Downtown Savannah, and to stay up late playing cards, talking, or even doing homework. This was definitely a jam packed two days for MACU attendees, and the students are grateful to Dr. Greene & Roger Burns for chaperoning the trip.

The MACU van left Savannah on Friday around 5 pm and did not get back to campus until almost 1 am. This was definitely a very quick, long, and information loaded trip, but as MACU Junior and Resident Assistant (RA), Dustin McCrea said, it was a “great Conference and very useful if you are trying to take your ministry to the next level.

For those who are looking into ministry, involved in ministry, or who just want to better serve their churches, come check out Savannah, GA, with MACU next year at the Next Level Conference!