RECAP: 2015 Spring Open House and Crowder

May 06, 2015

By:  Tiffany Kriss
Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Mid-Atlantic Christian University just hosted Spring Open House for 2015. Open House was an opportunity for students, particularly high school seniors, who are interested in MACU to come and experience the University hands on.


High school juniors and seniors arrived to campus with their families on Thursday afternoon around 4:30. Students were able to interact personally with enrollment counselors, financial advisors, the athletic director, and current students. As visiting students finished their one-on-one interview, they were guided by current MACU students to their rooms for the weekend, and had the opportunity to hang out and get to know one another and current students as well.

Thursday evening, MACU hosted David Crowder, on his Neon Steeple Tour. Visiting students, MACU students, staff, faculty, and even members of the community attended this event. This was a high energy concert, with a beautiful message of grace tied in. After the concert, which ended after 10 pm, students went to the dormitory and had a pizza night, provided by MACU. The pizza party was an opportunity for visiting students to interact with current students, and to ask questions and get to know each other. After this long and fun day, students went to their host rooms and rested up in preparation for Friday.


Friday morning began with breakfast for the visiting students, and from there, went in a variety of directions. Students had opportunities to sit in classes and meet with financial and academic advisors. There was a chapel service on Friday morning for students to attend, since chapel and spiritual growth is an integral part of campus life at MACU. Some seniors got their jumpstart on becoming a MACU student in the fall semester by taking some placement tests and getting registered for classes. Students also had the opportunity to interact with current students in a student panel, which is when current MACU student’s field questions about life at MACU that visiting students and families might have.

Following dinner on Friday night, students had the opportunity to hang out some, and then on Friday night, all students went to the YMCA for a free Y night. This is something that MACU does for current students, and visiting students were able to experience this as well. By the time students got back from the Y, they were probably worn out after such a fun packed weekend, and on Saturday morning, students had breakfast and then went their separate ways.

We at MACU hope that visiting students learned much about MACU and discovered if God is calling them to attend MACU in the future. Through the variety of events and meetings that happened, students had questions answered, received valuable information, and probably now have questions about things they may not have thought about before. If there are any questions about MACU, we ask that students contact their enrollment counselor. The office phone number for the enrollment counselors is (252) 334-2000. Transitioning out of high school and into college is a big life change, and we here at MACU are dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible.

MACU will be hosting another Open House in the fall, so if you missed this one, be sure to come check out what MACU has to offer!