MACU Bike Rally - 2014

September 15, 2014

Sixty motorcycles were revving their engines this past Saturday on the campus of Mid-Atlantic Christian University for the D.Q. and Bob Morton Memorial Ride and fundraiser for the Cross-Cultural Studies program here at MACU.

The ride was started in 2008 by Mark Woolard and friends. This is a little about what Mark had to say about why he started the Rally:

“I guess it began with a passion for riding motorcycles, MACU and serving Jesus.  Realizing that I was not the only Christian who loved riding motorcycles, I was looking for a way for us to enjoy our passions together.   I had participated in a rally several years ago, organized by Doris Eakes, a friend of MACU.  Over 50 bikes road from Kure beach, NC to Maggie Valley, NC to raise money for several children’s homes in North Carolina.  After the ride I wondered if something like that could be organized for MACU.  Could we get bikers together on the MACU campus, have some fun riding, celebrate our love for Jesus and raise some money at the same time? After speaking with President Perkins, we decided to assemble a committee and pursue the idea.  Some of the early team members were Mitch Mitchell, Glenn McGinnis and Keith Wood.  There may have been others too.  I don’t want to leave anyone out.  I believe Bob Morton may have also a part of that first team, although I’m not sure.  The Rally has been named after him because of his early leadership. The first Rally was a bold ride to the Hatteras Light House, chosen in part because it is a part of MACU’s logo.  I think we called it, “The Ride to the Light.”   Not sure about the numbers that first year, but we had a great start and a great time together, ready to continue the new tradition each year. The Rally has steadily grown a little each year and promises to be a continued source of enjoyment and blessing to both riders and those who benefit from the scholarships presented.”  

With people driving for almost 400 miles to get here and people coming from within the city alike, the fellowship was amazing!

Two students in MACU’s mission program shared their testimonies.  Additionally, Dr. Divino, who is head of the cultural studies department, spoke to us as well.  We were also challenged by other speakers who encouraged us to live our lives for Jesus and not to turn back in five years and wonder what I had done.

Next year’s bike rally is scheduled for September 12th, 2015 and if you were unable to make the event, but you would like to make a donation to the school, you can do so here: MACU continues to thank those who are taking the step of faith of supporting us transform ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.