67th Rally and Homecoming - Recap

March 26, 2015

By:  Tiffany Kriss
Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University


Mid-Atlantic Christian University just hosted the 67th MACU Rally and Homecoming. The Rally is always a great opportunity for alumni and current students to build connections, as well as, for alumni and staff/faculty members to keep in touch with one another. The Rally began with a Wednesday morning chapel session featuring Jim Tune as the speaker. Jim Tune is the President of the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) for this upcoming year, and he spoke to students, staff, faculty, and guests about how Christianity in America has lost “home team” advantage, and as such, needs to develop an “away team” mentality. Wednesday night hosted a GALA dinner, with David Empson as the speaker.

Thursday kicked off with a tailgate party for alumni and students, followed by alumni versus student’s volleyball and basketball. Unfortunately for visiting alumni, MACU students dominated both games, though there is always next year to come back and try again. Altogether, Thursday night was a great opportunity for all to get involved and show their school spirit.

Friday consisted of numerous sessions to attend, beginning with Main Session Friday morning, where David McCants spoke about why we as the church should not show favoritism. David said, “Christ conquered death so that we can conquer a dead life.” This was a wonderful message and session to begin the day off with, and it was followed by a few breakout sessions, where students, alumni, and staff/faculty could hear about leading worship, preaching ministries, or being a wife of a minister. Friday ended with another Main Session, with Jim Tune as the speaker. Jim encouraged listeners to take their gifts, talents, and abilities and to listen to the Spirit’s leading in our lives as we seek to grow the Kingdom.

President Perkins wrapped up this year’s Homecoming by announcing on Friday evening that since MACU is such a strong supporter of ICOM, the school will be closing doors and classes so that all students will have the opportunity to be part of this conference.

Another opportunity attendees had this year was to hear MACU students preach on Saturday afternoon. MACU has started a preaching club named Kerygma, led by Dr. Claudio Divino, and students had the opportunity to preach to an audience of like-minded individuals and fellow students, and to receive support, encouragement, and constructive criticism.

All during the Rally, childcare was provided for parents so that they could enjoy the sessions fully. Those who participated in the Rally were also blessed by some amazing worship experiences led by Sarah Lynn Grubb and an assorted band. This year’s Gospel Rally was truly a blessing to attend, and if you were unable to attend this year, be sure to come visit your alma mater next year!