Faculty Spotlights

Cheryl Luton

December 02, 2014 | Comment

By: Tiffany KrissStudent, Mid-Atlantic Christian University   Dr. Cheryl Luton is the Director of Teacher Education and Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at Mid-Atlantic Christian University. She has been in education for twenty-three years, but she started out working in the church with her husband, Dr. John Luton, who pastored for twenty years. Cheryl has three children, and when they were getting older, she went back to school to be a teacher and taught in elementary school for fifteen years. After teaching in elementary school, Cheryl went into higher education at an online university, and then she began working at Elizabeth City University (ECSU). Cheryl and her husband began volunteering with Wycliffe Associates in 2010. During that time, she became the English Language Learning Projects Coordinator for Africa. The Director wanted her to work full time with them, so in 2012, she left her full-time position at ECSU. However, during that year, her husband had a heart attack and there were also other family difficulties, and it became clear to her that this was not the time to work full-time for Wycliffe Associates. At this time, Cheryl was meeting with Dr. Williams to help her implement a...