Ginny Ambrose - Teacher

October 03, 2014

By:  Tiffany Kriss
Student, Mid-Atlantic Christian University



Ginny Ambrose is a 1994 alumna of  Mid-Atlantic Christian University (MACU). Ginny grew up going to Cabin Swamp Church of Christ in Columbia, NC and many of the men and women there had attended MACU or had direct ties to the university.  When Ginny was in third grade, Cabin Swamp began a Christian school, and her parents were both a part of getting the school going.

Danny and Renee Lease were the first teachers at Cabin Swamp.  Many others came through as the years went by but some of the most influential teachers she had were during her senior year of high school.  That is when three young graduates of MACU came – April Brickhouse, Dorothy Swink, and Rhonda Meban.  Ginny grew up with April at Cabin Swamp and she became Ginny’s teacher directly.  As the only senior that year (1989-1990), Ginny was able to spend some of her day with the younger grades.  It was through these experiences that Ginny first felt the desire to serve God through teaching.

Ginny entered MACU as a freshman in August 1990.  During that first year, she started talking with Trish Griffin, the President’s wife of MACU who was in charge of the library at the time, about the possibility of the dual-enrollment with Elizabeth City State University (ECSU).  In her sophomore year, Ginny began classes with ECSU to become a licensed teacher. Ginny was the first MACU student to enter into the new dual enrollment program. With the dual-enrollment program, she took most of her classes at MACU and licensure for education was at ECSU. Ginny was a little overwhelmed since she came from a school of less than 80 students K-12 and here she was not only going to MACU but also taking mostly night classes at a state university.

Ginny remembers one time where she went to register for classes at ECSU after spending lots of time with Mrs. Trish to figure out which classes she needed.  Registration at MACU was a fairly simple and quick process.  At ECSU, it was not as simple and definitely not as quick! Ginny stood in line for at least three hours, after which time she was told that she could not register because she did not have the money needed. Ginny went back to Mrs. Trish's office in the library and cried! Mrs. Trish hugged Ginny, told her everything would be okay, and called her mom so they could get it all straight. Mrs. Trish then called the Director of Education at ECSU and worked it so that Ginny didn't have to stand in that long line again.

While at MACU, Ginny was involved in as much music as she could be. Ginny was in Freshman Chorus and later the Choral Club.  In her sophomore year, she was invited to be in Master's XII and that summer she was a part of Doxology, the traveling recruitment team. Ginny was involved with the beginning of Towne South Church of Christ ( in the music ministry and was able to help break ground for the building they are in now. These experiences made Ginny want to keep working in music in some way. Since her time at MACU, Ginny has directed the choir (cantatas) and the praise team at Cabin Swamp.

Ginny Ambrose, Tony Wolf Production at MACU High School Days in 1990Tony Wolf production at High School Days in 1990. Ginny is on the far right

Ginny graduated from MACU in 1994, stayed another semester to finish up at ECSU with the licensure-only program, and then moved to student teach in her hometown. After student teaching at Tyrrell Elementary, Ginny became a teacher in 1995 and taught at Tyrrell Elementary for six and a half years (5 in K, 1 in 2nd, and 1/2 in a special education program).  Ginny then moved to Creswell Elementary where she has been since 2001.  In the time that she has been at Creswell, she has taught K, 2, 3, 6, and AIG (Academically and Intellectually Gifted). In 2006, she was named Teacher of the Year for Creswell Elementary.  In 2007, Ginny became certified through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  In 2008, she earned an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading from Grand Canyon University.  

Ginny married Ron Ambrose in 1996. He works with the Department of Safety (Prison) in Columbia as a plumber. He is also the Fire Chief at the Creswell Volunteer Fire Department where he has served for fifteen years. Ginny and Ron serve together at Cabin Swamp with media and music and Ron is a deacon at the church. They have two beautiful daughters; Cara is 14, in 9th grade and attends Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience in Jamesville and Callee is 11, and in 6th grade at Creswell Elementary.  Cara is involved in the praise team at Cabin Swamp and plays guitar and drums in the praise band.  Callee has just recently sung her first special with Cara accompanying her on guitar and her grammy (Ginny’s mother) on piano.  

MACU Valentines banquet  1992 After the 1992 MACU Valentines Banquet the girl’s dorm (PAP) lobby.

Ginny recognizes MACU as having had a very important role in her life and she does not think that she would be the teacher she is today without the influence of the professors and others at MACU.  Because of the courses and people at MACU, she is able to be a better Christian influence on her students, even if she cannot openly guide them in that way.  Growing up in a Christian school, Ginny has always felt that the public school system is a mission field.  Ginny says, “Many children in our public schools need to see Christ in us and I feel that there are ways that I can show God's light to these children by loving them on a consistent and unconditional basis.”